Dr. George C. Fraser - Author of Success in Our Race and Click

"Craig E. Rush has put together one of the best books I've ever read using powerful stories and insightful wisdom from a relative's journal. It happens to be his great, great, grandfather's journal; Lexius Henson's, a mulatto from the pre and post-Civil War era. Written by Craig from his heart, mind, body and years of research and  thought. No Time To Hate is revealing, humorous, instructive and sobering. Craig managed to strip away his grandfather's personal veneer of pride and ego to get to the real truths that matter for the heady subject of "There is only one race, the human race". Craig honors and recharges an institution that is dying in Black America, journaling and reading. If you are at all curious about an elegant time in Black history, superb role modeling, intellectual curiosity as a tool for relationship building, excellence, class and honor.
Lexius Henson's Journal of Enlightenment as a sub-title for No Time T o Hate is a great year round read, but start now, there is no time to waste. Thank you Craig for this masterwork" 

Alice G. Butts, Board of Trustees, Cleveland Public Library System

"I was not able to put No Time to Hate down, once I began to read it. I am encouraging all of my friends and family to order this book ASAP!"